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Twelve planets, six students.
Two murders and a kidnapping.
A slice of life gone horribly, horribly wrong.

>ok, but like, what is it

Terra Firma is a multimedia storytelling project aiming to combine art, music, and animation with traditional literature in a synthesis between old and new media.

It updates weekly, with chapters every Saturday during ordinary release phases.

>where can i read it?

Right here!

Create an account to view the story and save your progress. Certain story elements may be affected by your choices.

>Is there anything i should know before reading?

Terra Firma contains images with bright and/or flashing colors at some points, which may be triggering to those with photosensitivity. 

It also contains several serious and mature themes, including loss, death, war, abuse, and hate. However, it is not a particularly heavy story, nor one meant to upset and shock.

>may i see a sneak peek?

Well, only because you asked so nicely.

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