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A Picture From Earth

April 28, 2024

Greetings from Earth. This is Miles Meloni, the author of Terra Firma, here with a new subpage I like to call "the news." I'm calling it that because that is its name.

I'm coming to you from the actual Earth, in the true year of 2024. Here on the real Earth, it is not, in fact, August. It is April, a time seen as an indicator of new life and blooming possibility here in the northern hemisphere. However, to many early 20-somethings, the time takes on a different connotation. In this subculture, the period is often referred to by the dread-inducing quadrisyllabic moniker of “Finals Season”.

By now you may have concluded, via inference, that I am one such early 20-something.

We are in the early throws of this time, when the hammer of schoolwork strikes down upon the weak and unsuspecting. The clock has struck ten minutes to midnight, and the debt collector has come to receive his grades. Unfortunately, as I cannot stay awake for every hour in the day, I must make sacrifices if I am to persevere during this penultimate peril. And Terra Firma is that sacrifice. 

There will be no chapter this week, and the regular schedule will resume next Saturday. These next few weeks are going to be filled with exiting moments, as Act 1 begins to crest its narrative peak, and the gathering of the fold reaches its totality. I hope you enjoy reading it just as much as I enjoyed writing it. 

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