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>Are you here?


>good, good.

>I see you are attentive.


>Are you ready to begin?

>Know that this is not a story without cost.

>Make sure you understand this before you proceed. 


>I see.

>if you are ready...

>then let us enter.



>welcome, reader.

>welcome to the story of the end.

>We begin on one small planet.

>One that is likely familiar to you.



>On this planet, there is one city that is of immediate interest to us.

>It is a city in decline, once the most powerful on its world.

New york panel.png


>Our story begins with one person, a resident of this city.

New york panel 2.png

>It will end with them as well.


>however, very little else that happens here...


...Can truly be said to be her fault.

New york panel 3.png

epistle 1: the slate ultimatum

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