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Nizawri Ishkash

i finally got a website! 

~February 24, 2056, 9:19 AM

heya interblag! i got this website done today.

i’m really proud! it took MONTHS of negotiations with my parents to get them to buy the domain! they even made ME pay for it! though ill tell the story of how i got the money later, as a surprise! 

i want to update this every day. even if its just a cool fact or fun thign. i have so many thigns to tell you all! i hope you like it! 

i told all my friends yesterday that i was gettign a real website, and they didn't believe me. 

i can’t wait to show them this site tomorrow! they’ll think its so cool! 

see you soon! :::3

my friends did not like my website enough!

~February 25, 2056, 4:19 PM

heya interblag! (I think im gonna keep usign that phrase, i like it) 

my friends thought it was cool that i had one but said it needed pictures, or color, or somethign. i put a few more pictures down below, to make them like it more! here they are, as promised!

photo of an old cat by some shoes
photo of an old cat on a rug

this is my pet cat! well it is really my mom and dads pet cat. his name is sadie. that is a girls name, but my cat is not a girl. thigns are weird like that sometimes. he is older than me, and that is old for a cat. he tried to eat a piece of my cocoon once. but he hasn't tried to eat me since so i think we are on good terms now. 

i really like him, and i think we get along because we both have fur and we walk on four legs. most people do not do that, so it makes us get each other. like we see the world in the same way because we are both mow to the ground. but maybe i am just small because i am young. i do not know how big i am going to get, but i hope it is at least a little bigger because then i could see over countertops. 

photo of a mountainous overlook with clear skies

so this picture is a good one. it is from a vacation i went on with my dad when my mom was off at work one week and there was no school. we went to a huge cave in the mountains. up in the north of georgia. it was very nice! we stayed there for a few days. i forgot to take pictures of the cave though, so here is a picture of the normal grass above the cave. try to imagine somethign big and dark and wet underneath it and you will get the right idea.

photo of an old cat sleeping on a pillow
photo of an old cat sleeping, shown from above

and here is more pictures of sadie. man. i really like that cat.

anyway, that's all the pictures i have!

i really hope you like these pictures, as it was hard to get them on the website! it took me fifteen whole minutes!

they also said that the yellow background was too bright. so i made it lighter. i hope it looks better now ;;;3

really late at night...

~February 28, 2056, 10:20 PM

heya interblag! sorry for forgettign a few days. there was a lot of school, and i had to go to a couple of games of basketball. my class plays it for fun, but i do it to beat other kids and win. i took it up because i saw the movie with the dog who could play basketball. i thought that i could try it too. the dog seemed to have a lot of fun. 

anyway, the game ran long because one of my teammates slipped and hurt herself. it was bad. but i got home super late, way past when i should. as a result my mom gave me some more time to settle down and get some cookies before i go to bed. 

but i'm beign really sneaky, and stayign up later than she said i could! she is asleep, so she will never know.

unless she reads this site. but i do not want her to.

mom, if you are readign this, i did nothign wrong and this is just a funny story i am puttign on the internet so i can get attention. 

but anyway i am up really late. and i leave my room and i am so so tired. and then i hear somethign make a noise! and honestly i was so scared i could have just died there right on the spot. i thought i was goign to die! like some evil guy came into the house with a sword and was about to go to town on me with it. which would have been really really bad. so i hid in the closet for a minute, tryign to get myself ready in case i needed to fight. i have claws but they are very blunt from all the runnign i do, so i was thinkign about usign my teeth if it came to it. 

but it was just sadie! i was safe!

still, i was very very scared. so i brought sadie up with me to my room. now i am tryign not to be so scared and to try and be less i put this on the website so it was very clear that nothing was wrong and nobody was in my house wantign to kill me. sadie is helpign me calm down, and now i am gettign very sleepy again.

see you soon! hopefully when i am less scared :::{ 

fun fact today!

~March 3, 2056, 4:10 PM

heya interblag! this will be quick today.

first, happy march! march is one of my favorite months, because it is when my birthday is. in a few weeks we will party on the aniversery of the day i fully exited my pupa stage and became a person. saying all that is a lot to say so we just say birthday. 

my fun fact is not about my birthday, but the birthdays of humans! i learned today what a human's first birthday is like. it is not like mine! human babies come from their moms, and they are made in a very weird way. we learned about it at school today. to make a human baby you need one boy human and one girl human, and the boy needs to give the girl their genes. that's like baby instructions, and you need two sets. cool, right? it's weird that they can make a person all on their own i think. my species can only come from a queen, which makes sense as then you only need one baby factory instead of like every person having one. but i guess it makes sense because then every human can have a mom. i am very lucky to have a mom, but i guess being a mom is what humans are good at. 

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